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Ashraful Uloom

NPO: 047-301 / PBO: 930 013 192 / SECTION 18 A TAX EXEMPTED / [email protected]

Alhamdullilah with the help and mercy of Allah, these are the latest major projects that have been completed by Ashraful Uloom.

Water Crisis in Hankey, Eastern Cape

11 September 2018

The water stricken community of Hankey in the Eastern Cape was severely affected by drought. The supplying Kouga dam was at an alarming level of 6.8% and was closed off for use. Taps were only opened twice a day for a short while.

Alhamdullilah with the mercy of Allah, Ashraful Uloom embarked on a collection drive to supply the community of Hankey with 25000 liters of water.

Tembisa Masjid Refurbishment

1 August 2018

"The Masjids of Allah are maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day"

Al Quraan - Verse 9:18

Alhamdullilah, Ashraful Uloom and the Masjids and Imaams National Advisory Council of South Africa (Minacsa) assisted the Tembisa Masjid with much needed renovations.

Some of the work that was done included plumbing, painting, ceiling repairs and more.


Water Wells in Cape Town, South Africa

15 July 2018

The City of Cape Town is experiencing the worst drought in recent history. Supplying dams are at critical points and water restrictions have been put in place for all residents.

Alhamdullilah Ashraful Uloom teamed up with Linbro Islamic Trust, Abdullah Bin Salaam Masjid, Wendywood Muslim Jamaat Trust and media partner Proudly Muslims of South Africa to donate water to stricken communities as well as drill water wells at various masjids in Cape Town.