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Ashraful Uloom

NPO: 047-301 / PBO: 930 013 192 / SECTION 18 A TAX EXEMPTED / [email protected]

The world is changing rapidly, which brings with it new opportunities and challenges, but what is remarkable about Islam is that it is robust enough to meet these challenges. We believe at Ashraful Uloom – Marlboro that we need to understand change, acknowledge it and adjust to it within the framework of Shariah. Alhamdulillah it is only with the fadhal and grace of Allah Taala that the organisation has made remarkable inroads with new and exciting projects. We also need to plan adequately and place our resolve and trust in Allah Taala, that He guides us and keeps us on the straight path. In-sha-Allah


The Madrasah maktab system is among the most important means for the preservation of Deen. It is through the Maktab system that the Imaan of our children is preserved. Ashraful Uloom – Marlboro has three educational facilities, viz. in Marlboro, Edenvale and Alexandra Township with a combined role of 170 learners. The Madrassah has also launched many new initiatives like the introduction of technology to enhance the learning experience. Although the use of technology in Islamic institutes is still in its infancy the potential looks very promising. The madrasah staff complement is 14 Ustaads, comprising of 2 Muftis, 5 Ulama, 1 Aalima, 2 Qualified Montessori Educators and 6 Apas.


Ashraful Uloom children's home caters for underprivileged and destitute children who come from difficult and challenging backgrounds. Our mission is to provide a safe and caring environment for these children and to develop and nurture their potential. Alhamdulillah those children that have been with us for a few years have progressed well and are achieving academically. The children are cared for by a caretaker. The children attend school at the Abdullah bin Salaam Islamic School in Kelvin and madrasah at our institute. The Madrassah also employs the services of a full time tutor for the children. The children also participate in extras curricular activities.


Ashraful Uloom – Marlboro sees itself as part of the broader community, and cannot ignore the fact that a large population in neighbouring Alexandra Township undergo many hardships and difficulties. We have the Deeni obligation to uplift and assist the poor and underprivileged. Through intervention programs like disaster relief and welfare projects, the organisation has implemented many successful projects. Alhamdulillah

The Organisation assists vulnerable groups like women and children. Ashraful Uloom also supports deserving people within the community through grants, hamper distributions, bread feeding schemes and job creation.


Ashraful Uloom - Marlboro is affiliated to the Muslim Prison Board – Gauteng. Our organization caters for the needs of the Muslim Offenders at the Leeuwkop Correctional Centre. Moulana Suhail Wadee and Mufti Ahmed Data serve on the Board of The MPB-Gauteng and the national MPB as the educational coordinators.

Spiritual and educational programs are conducted at the Leeuwkop Correctional Centre. Ramdhaan and Eid preparations are also facilitated. Ashraful Uloom – Marlboro has hosted training programs for spiritual care workers of Gauteng and other provinces and has been providing spiritual care since to Muslim offenders since 1998.


Maktab – 170 learners

Children’s Home – 18 Boys

Welfare – 500+ beneficiaries assisted during the year

Prison - 200 inmates

Qurbani and Meat Distribution

Winter Warm Project

Seminars and Educational Workshops

Youth Programs

Total Staff: 25

Financial Officer, Sister Anisa Loonat (service rendered voluntary)

Ashraful Uloom - Marlboro is a registered Non-Profit Organization with a section 18A status