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Ashraful Uloom

NPO: 047-301 / PBO: 930 013 192 / SECTION 18 A TAX EXEMPTED / [email protected]

Who Are We?

Ashraful Uloom South Africa is a humanitarian organisation with section 18 A status. We were founded in 1995 by the late Molana Luqmaan Wadee and is now being spearheaded by Molana Suhail Wadee. Ashraful Uloom started as a small organisation in Marlboro Gardens providing maktab education to the children residing in Marlboro Gardens and Surrounding areas, as well as providing relief work for the neighboring Alexandra township. Alhamdulliah over the years we have grown to become a national humanitarian organisation which provides relief work across South Africa and a few neighboring countries.

What do We do?

At Ashraful Uloom we strive to be caring and compassionate to those in need. Our major projects department provide relief work to communities in need of urgent assistance such as drilling wells in drought stricken communities, repairing of masjids in townships and assisting victims of major disasters. (view our major projects page here)

We also have on going projects which we work on throughout the year. This includes the Ashraful Uloom children's Home, Madrassah Ashraful Uloom and the Ashraful Uloom Waqf fund. (view our on-going projects page here)

How to Donate?

Ashraful Uloom accepts Zakaat, Lillah and Sadaqah donations. We also accept clothing, blankets and other similar items.

We provide Section 18 A tax exempt certificates on request.

To donate to any of our projects, please visit our donate page or contact us and we will assist you.